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Balls, Bells, Boxes and Bodyweight . . . . . Once you’ve got the proper instruction and the right mindset it doesn’t take much to get an effective workout.

Kaye in the am

A few shots from the morning circuit earlier this week.  It was a good one.

They are back

We’ve got both the WVC Lady Knights Softball and Soccer Teams back for their offseason training.  It’s awesome to have their energy and drive back here at ICG.


They keep you honest in many ways.

Climb on

Row and Hold

Partner work can provide a new level of inspiration during your workout.  Especially when you are have an extra 185# in your hands.  P1 – Row 500m while P2 holds 185#M (135#W)  – Combined the team will row a total of 5k meters and rowers must stop when gravity is just too much for the holders.