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Sick Puppy

March was a tough month for me when it came to sticking to my workouts. Between spending a glorious, sunny week in Arizona watching baseball and another sweating, shaking and cramping with a fever from a bad bout of the flu my workouts have taken a beating.

Which means I’m gonna take a beating tomorrow…

But nevertheless, I’m going to finish out the Total Transformation program strong and wring all the benefit out of it I can. But one thing’s for sure, even though I’m disappointed in my performance this month I am happy with my overall progress. I have really changed a lot of bad habits and picked up a few good ones, which is a lot harder than it sounds.

One of my favorite stories about Benjamin Franklin is that he kept a log of his strengths and faults and every year he endeavored to drop one bad habit and establish one good one. He said that if a man could accomplish that feat every year of his life he’d pretty much be perfect by the time he died.

That anecdote made a big impression on me when I was a kid. And even though old Ben was one of the most flawed (and in my opinion the most brilliant) of the Founding Fathers I think his idea of slow and steady improvement over the course of one’s life is an inspirational one.

So here’s to the homestretch of our journey together. I’ve loved (and sometimes hated) every minute of our journey so far…


I apologize for the blogging hiatus as of late. Two things have kept me from updating this blog lately. And from me keeping up the high level of activity I have grown accustomed to during the last few months.

The first was Major League Baseball spring training in Scottsdale, Arizona, where I went the week before last with my lovely girlfriend. And the second thing that put me behind was being sick, but more on that in a bit…

Swing on

Betty bringing it last week to the gym on her 70th Birthday!

Our Friday Bar

The first bar we hit before the weekend.

Head Through

Missy finishing her press with her “head through the window”.

Looking strong girl!

toes to bar

Drift attacking his CrossFit Open WOD yesterday.  He made the toes bar look easy.  For more blaze on CrossFit Wenatchee check us out on Facebook and the web.