a perfect balance

I had the unique opportunity to see some of our members kite boarding this weekend at Lake Wenatchee.  It’s great to see that our members do more than just hammer in the gym. 

Jay is just learning how to kite.  He was a little nervous, as it’s pretty committing getting blown out in the middle of lake while tethered to to a 9 square meter kite and board.  Jay mentioned that it’s a fine line to balance between the fear and adreniline that he experiences out on the water.  That balance is so important in all sports.  As you address your fears, while the adreline is flowing, and your body is responding – that is when you feel most alive.  When your body reacts without input from the brain, this is “flow”, and it will take us to new levels in our sports as we accomplish things we once didn’t think was possible.  The cross-over of these accomplishments into everyday life allows us to do things we didn’t think we could.

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