Active Recovery

We are posting this to let you all know that we’ll be changing our Thursday night yoga to Tuesday nights, still at 7:30 pm.  This will start next Tuesday August 24.  The yoga is still free, and as always co-ed. 

There is nothing like Yoga for a little active recovery.  So you know you have to take rest days (I know we all hate them) but it’s okay to move your body with some yoga.  KC Mulhall will put you through an hour of Vinyasa style yoga that will get you moving the way you were meant to.

These are few shots Donni took from our trip to BC.  We were on “The Spit” outside Squamish.  On one side of the spit, is Howe Sound and on the other was the Squamish River.  This was a killer way to start our day of climbing.

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