We’ve got a spot for everyone’s journals at our gym so they can record their workouts.  Charles Staley (creater of Escalating Density Training or EDT) says “If you don’t keep a training journal or set goals, you’re not an athlete, you’re an exerciser”.  

So many of us who have been to typical gyms have seen the people on the cardio equipment with a magazine in front of them mindlessly moving day in and day out.  I often wonder what they are trying to achieve.  Whether your goals are to injury proof yourself for your profession, run a 5k, or drop some pounds you have to set goals then measure and record your progress.  If you don’t have any goals on paper, and need help defining them let us know.  Remember all goals in life must be measurable and attainable!

BTW Brian (above) is both an industrial athlete and an mountain athlete.

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