Trainer Bios

Coach Cathy Covey

bio pictureCathy is known for her high energy, spunky, “can do” attitude.  She has been in the fitness industry for over 25 years motivating people through classes, personal training and team strength training.  Cathy’s lifestyle has been fitness oriented from a very young age.  She ran at the Jr. Olympics, won several body building challenges and local runs.  She is ACE certified as a personal trainer, as well as certified in yoga and cycling.  Cathy also received her Crossfit Level 1 Certification in September of 2009,  in addition to attending the Crossfit Basic Barbell Certification with Mark Rippetoe in November of 2009.  However, Cathy’s real strength is in the way she connects with people.  She listens, adjusts and commits to your needs and goals.  But don’t be fooled, this petite, smiley blonde is highly intense on the workout floor.  Through a lifetime of fitness, Cathy understands that movement offers quality to life.  She enjoys cycling, running, skiing, boating, wine tasting, and outdoor activities with her family.

Coach Adam Vognild

AdamFriends refer to Adam as a ‘trail breaking machine’ both figuratively and literally.  Adam has relied on high intensity gym training to achieve his goals in the mountains as an accomplished alpine rock climber, ski mountaineer, mountain biker and trail runner. He is passionate about fitness, and believes that achieved fitness goals translate into confidence in all other aspects of our lives.

A local of Wenatchee, he holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from University of Washington.  Adam’s analytical skills, physical training and mountaineering knowledge have allowed him to put together and guide mountain trips for his friends over the past 14 years. He is also a key member of Chelan County Mountain Rescue. He has climbed, backcountry skied, and mountain biked in all of the major mountain ranges in the west.

Adam attended the Gym Jones Athletic Development Seminar in 2009, received his Crossfit Level 1 Certification in June on 2009 and attained his HKC Kettlebell Certification in June of 2010.


Coach Kelsey Schroeder






Coach Paul Harrison

Paul comes to our gym with years of training experience and coaching. He has spent many years in the fitness industry as a trainer and former gym owner. His years of experience offer clients the ability to be coached by someone with a good eye for movement and the ability to correct poor form. His philosophy of mechanics, and consistency before anything places our athletes in the best possible position to achieve their athletic goals.

Paul has the CrossFit level 1 certification and CrossFit Weightlifting endorsement and has been coaching functional fitness for years. Paul spent his youth playing all the sports and his 20’s getting fat. At the age of 30 he decided he needed a change and took up running and triathlons. That lasted until his knees gave out and that’s when he discovered high intensity fitness exercises.

When he is not in the gym training or coaching Paul enjoys the mountains by skiing, mountain biking and hiking. Come by and try one of his classes for a fantastic workout.