Buzz About the Baseline

People have been asking us what’ s with this “test” that we have to take to join The Inner Circle Gym?  People want to know more about it, what it is and why they should have to do it.  First of all let me say it’s not a test, rather a physical assessment of you, on the day that you start training here.  This is not pass or fail.  Think of it as a starting point (or benchmark) that we will come back to, to see if you are making progress.  Without taking measurements of your current fitness there is no way to know if you are improving.  This is just one of the many benchmarks that we might use to evaluate your fitness.  The other benchmarks will be chosen by you with help of the coaches based on your fitness goals.  So there is no reason to be nervous, unless of course you don’t think you are going to get any better.

As for the Baseline it goes quick for most, usually less than eight minutes.  The assessment involves the following, in this order and is timed:

500m row (on Concept 2 Rower)

40 Bodyweight Squats

30 Situps

20 Pushups

10 Pullups (most have used assistance from rubber banding)

So come on down and we’ll show you around the gym, and if you feel like it, take the Baseline.  We’ll coach you on proper form for all of the movements before you start.  You’ll get a taste of what most of our workouts are like down here.  It has left all of our current members ready for more.

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