circuit work

Circuit work.  A properly designed circuit can achieve the following if properly designed:

  1. Strength
  2. Muscular endurance
  3. Cardiovascular conditioning
  4. Respiratory conditioning
  5. Increased work capacity
  6. Increased pain tolerance
  7. Nullifies the need for an extra cardio program

The above list was compiled from Steve Maxwell.  He is definitely is one of our mentors here at ICG.  Cathy and I attended one of his mobility and bodyweight training seminars this past spring.  Steve is a self proclaimed life long learner and knows that he can always incorporate new exercise and movements into his training, something Cathy and I feel the strongly about as well. 

So come on down to a lunch time or women’s circuit and get a great workout and/or learn try something new.

Also remember that Thursday at lunch we have a kb swing class and Friday at 9:30 we have a deadlift class, both with spots open.

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