Compound Exercises

As the months have progressed we’ve been performing increasingly difficult compound exercises. We’ve also been increasing weight AND decreasing rest time in between sets. It’s just another way to accomplish what Blaine describes as “functional fitness.”

Here’s an example of a core-focused complex using a Physioball. He makes it look easy but believe me, it’s not. By the third rep of my first set I was squealing like a little piggy.

And here’s Blaine giving us an example of ANOTHER compound exercise in our weight matrix. It’s a hang clean into split-stance push press and it’s just one of four exercises in this week’s weight matrixes. The other included bent-over rows, back squats and good mornings.

As you can see Blaine makes it look simple but believe me – after five sets of six reps of these bad boys are enough to make you want to melt into a big puddle on the floor.

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