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Ski Conditioning starting October 9 –  Details under the premium tab.

Whole 30 – Clean Eating for 30 days

Finding the balance between fueling your body for the demands of your daily life to enjoying a celebratory occasion filled with delicious food is tricky. Good eating habits can become a moving target as life changes. The key is finding a way to eat that is maintainable throughout your lifetime. This is a stepping stone in your process!
You will receive 30 days of email and group support, body comp testing (before and after), weekly drawings for prices, and a grand price for the participant that accumulates the most points over the 30 days.
Kickoff meeting happening October 12 at 6:00pm at ICG.
The start date is October 16 and the end date is November 14th. The cost is $129 plus tax.
This is the “food work” that we all have to do, let’s do it together!