Six months ago this baseline workout took me 9:50 to complete. After nearly three months with Adam and Cathy I was down to 7:20. Today I did it in 3:40. That’s after theĀ 4-Month Extreme Transformation course with Blaine. So I guess you could say I saw some gains…

I’ll know how much I progressed tomorrow because I’m going in for another BMI test. When I started I had 33% body fat (which I have since learned put me in the “obese” category). After the training with Adam and Cathy twice a week I was down to 27% body fat (putting me in the “overweight” category). So it’ll be interesting to see where I am as of tomorrow. Hopefully I continue my tour of BMI categories.

I’ll update the blog with my results and (gasp) before and after pics (which I’m really not looking forward to sharing, but will anyway)…

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