Garbage Food

Tonight’s dinner (sigh). I confess, I have a weakness for wings. Some people like chocolate. Some people like steak. I. ADORE. wings.

At Washington State University, where I went to college, (Go Cougs!)¬†they have this thing called “Wing Wednesday” in which every bar in Pullman competes for the title of “best wing in town” every week. I didn’t miss one Wednesday during the entirety of my tenure.

That’s how much I love wings.¬†

Which brings up the issue of my diet. During the infancy of this blog I wrote about my eating habits much more often than I do now. And truthfully I curbed that habit because of my lack of success in improving my gutter palate. But all things considered, I’ve made great strides in this area as of late…

Garbage food like chicken wings and frozen pizza used to be staples of my (atrocious) eating habits. And while I can’t claim to be a raw vegan or paleo rockstar, these days I have been steadily improving on my dietary choices. There are many more salads in my life than I once thought (or wanted, for that matter).

But every once in a while I like to splurge and tonight was one of those times. So thank you, Joe’s Log Cabin of Wenatchee, Wash. for making some awesome baby chicken flappers!

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