Group Therapy

In addition to personal training sessions twice a week I’ve been trying to hit a yoga class and a group crossfit circuit at the Gym once a week. As a former high school athlete, working out in a group brings a motivational intensity as well as an element of support you just don’t get working out by yourself or with a single partner.

And the thing about ICG’s circuits specifically is that you work TOO hard to care about anyone else. 

In fact that’s what I adore about these workouts and The Inner Circle Gym in general – no one comes to people-watch, they come to work.

It’s not about your clothes or shoes or protein shakes or your tan of any of that nonsense. The vibe, the attitude, the atmosphere (whatever you wanna call it) is about pushing yourself to be better, faster, stronger than you were last week.

And it’s the people who workout at the ICG that make the classes so much better than anywhere else I’ve worked out.

Even though I sweat profusely, grunt, moan and breath loudly and have been known to excuse myself to go vomit no one seems to mind (and if they do no one lets on).

And for that I am truly grateful…

Here’s what we did for today’s noontime circuit class (which was PACKED btw):



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