My girlfriend’s daughter Anna visiting the ICG

Why are you here?,” is a common question I’ve heard over the course of the last few months. It’s usually thrown out there during a particularly painful moment of the workout, designed to get the mind off the temporarily-excruciating present and keep your eye on the bigger picture.

The first few times Blaine asked that question I didn’t really have an answer. But I began to think about it after workouts. Why AM doing this? It’s really hard. The workouts are long and grueling, the diet is tough and I’m constantly sore. But it also makes me feel fast and strong and fitter than I have been in years. But why am I really doing this?

I’m doing it for the control. Over myself, my body, my situation and my future.

The responsibility. To commit to something and accomplish it. I haven’t been as faithful as I should have been but I’m gonna finish strong.

And for the discipline – to gain it. The interesting thing about something that requires you to be strong is it shows you your weakness.

This experience, like any lunge, squat or deadlift, is making me stronger so I can meet real-world challenges. The reason I’m here is because I want to be healthy, strong and stable for myself and for the people I love.

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