Intensity Required…

… is written in big, bold stenciled letters above The Inner Circle office – front and center for all to see when crossing the threshold.

It’s a fitting motto for the place. 

Adam and Cathy have made it a space where you can throw stuff, hit giant tires with big ‘ole sledgehammers and generally do stuff that makes you feel like a BAMF while also getting a whole body workout.

That’s a photo of me wheezing my way through my first set of what I’m told are called “slamballs.”

The idea is to get full range of motion and fire a whole series of muscles by first doing a squat then picking up a weighted medicine ball, hoisting it above your head and finally slamming it down as hard as you can on the floor.

At first I was a bit timid with the “slam it on the ground” part. I’m a big guy and from a young age I’ve had to remember to be gentle with most things. But Adam urged me to get more intense and really slam it to the ground.

And as you can see, I kinda got into it…

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