June 22 Workout

I’m about six months into these workouts at The Inner Circle and I’d have to say I feel like I’m closing in on the best cardio shape of my life.

I’ve still got weight to lose and my body is not as responsive as it was when I was playing college soccer as a fresh-faced 21-year-old (plus the fact that I’ve had my left quad sliced open twice now and hardware installed in my femur does not help). But the loss of muscle tissue in that leg is a minor inconvience and the weight will continue to melt away. The point is that I feel fast and strong and fit. And I should because I am.

I’ve also been feeling a new level of focus during workouts and that’s good because a lot of these complexes with compound athletic movements require a certain presence of mind and force-of-will to complete – especially when you’re down to the next-to-last set of a complex, I always find that set to be the worst for me mentally and form-wise.

Anyway here’s what we did on Friday, June 22 – I was pooped afterward:

This took a while because we were walking all over the floor of the gym with those kettle bells for the suitcase carries.

These are a real pain – 45 pushups and 14 “ninja” tuck jumps in all, without stopping.

And finally 10 rounds of 30-second sprints with eight-second rests. I can’t recall exactly but I think I covered about 3000 m.


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