We believe in Kettlebells here.  They are incredibly simple yet brutal and efffective tool when used properly.  That is why by the end of next month Cathy and I will have both attended the Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification.  I will be attending the “Perfecting the Press and Scientific Breakthroughs in Strength and Conditioning with Master RKC Kenneth Jay” the end of next month.  We have the best selection of kettlebells in the valley and are getting more next week.   So if you want to learn proper technique from certified instructors, we’d love to teach you.

Kettlebells are an essential tool in the toolbox that we utilize (in addition to sandbags, sleds, barbells, dumbbells, and your body) for the functional training that we do here at ICG.  See the Events page for upcoming KB Swing Class details.

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