My first two personal training session were with Cathy and provided me a great way to jump start the ‘ole metabolism and get back to a regular fitness routine. Since the beginning of this project I’ve been working out at least five days a week.

In sessions three and four sessions I’ve been working with Adam. And that means concentration on Kettlebells.

Kettlebells are Russian in origin and like most things Russian, Vodka and caviar being great examples, they lead me to believe Russia is a nation of machinists. These simple looking things can be used in a myriad of simple or complicated ways to combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. (According to wikipedia, from which I just copied and pasted that information.)

But I can say firsthand that they do just what Wikipedia says. And all kidding aside I do actually prefer these to dumbbells. They provide a full body workout and work your core great when doing things like goblet squats. And the center of gravity in Kettlebells requires that you stabilize the weight when lifting so that more of your muscles are required in the process.

Some of the Kettlebell exercises I’ve been working on so far are the one-arm Kettlebells swing, goblet squats, kettlebell rows and a bunch of others that I can’t remember the names too right now. But I promise to post tomorrow’s workout in it’s entirety so you can see exactly what I’m doing.



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