Life Long Learners

We are life long learners here at ICG.  We believe that every aspect of life, including fitness, is a journey.  It’s on the journey that we learn.  We are constantly seeking knowledge that we can pass on to our athletes to help them achieve their goals.  To this end we’ve invested over $7500 in certifications, seminars and books.  In order to get maximum benefit from the work we do here, you have to move properly.  The equipment is simple, but the movements complex.

We are hungry.  Hungry for more knowledge of  new (and old) techniques that train every aspect of our being – including the brain.  As we finished up our classes this weekend we classified our feeling as hungry.  Hungry to teach, test, and explore more about the topics on our own.  Join us, if you too are hungry.

The Ski Conditioning Class is full.  We’ll be offering a second class.  See here for details.

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