Look ma no bands

Here is Anika doing multiple pull ups with out the bands.  There was a time when all she wanted was to do one pull up, and yesterday she fired out 4 without assistance.  This is due to her hard work here and at the dinner table.

On this holiday of thanks Cathy and I are thankful to all of our members.  They are setting and reaching goals.  They are pushing themselves to new levels they didn’t think attainable.  They are getting comfortable being uncomfortable.  They are implementing new training modalities  into their programs and seeing results.  They are paying attention to the details.  They are inspiring each other.  All of this and more is happening down here at ICG and Cathy and I are lucky enough to be a part of it and witness it.    And this is why we are thankful on this holiday,  to all of our members who make this “box” gym such an incredible place to train and grow.

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