Measure it

How do you know if the exercise you are doing is working?  Do you care?  Well you should.  Just “feeling better” from an improvement in lifestyle (exercise, sleep, clean eating, stress reduction etc) is a good thing.  But if you really want to make the most of your life you have to measure your current state, set goals (measurable and attainable), and then go for it.  Here are just a few examples of things we can measure and improve on: blood pressure, max # of pullups, max # of pushups, 1 unassisted pullup, 1 full body pushup, “getting into those jeans”, blood work, body fat percentage, 5k run time, marathon run time, 2k row time, max deadlift, max squat, how fast it takes you to run up Saddlerock, climbing (on bike or skis) 500k’ this year. . . . . .

It’s that time of year where we ask our members to set goals (WRITE THEM DOWN!), post them in front of the rest of the members, and then go for it. It’s been proven that writing your goals and looking at them frequently will make you more successful in reaching those goals.  So come in and write them on the board and we’ll start building up the Goal page on the site.  If you are willing to step up and write down your goals (it takes some courage) we are willing to throw in $200 worth of free personal training to a lucky winner at the end of the year.  You don’t have to complete your goal to win, you just have to write it down.  Last year’s winner was Elsa Prosch!  So come on in and write it on the board, and we’ll get the Goal page going on this site! If you need help coming up with goals we’d love to sit down and help.  Make 2011 the best year ever!

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