Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai

Recipe Sphagetti

Torture the Turkey


Join us for this fun calorie burning event! It’s a circuit class for everyone on Thanksgiving day. 2 times in the morning, one at 7:30, the other at 8:30. We will set this up for all ability levels and maximum calorie burnage (that’s a word). The gym will be open from 7-10:00 on this day and then closed on Friday and Saturday (11/27 and 11/28). Enjoy the time and outdoors with your family.

Third Week Winner

Congratulations Erin!

Congratulations Erin McCool!

Day 20

Subjectively, I feel “brighter” both mentally and physically; objectively, a Comprehensive Blood test revealed a significant drop in “glucose” levels from higher than normal to within normal levels. Steve Piro  

Feeling good and strong, leading to 3 unassisted pull-ups!  —Erin McCool

I feel like my energy has reached the Whole 30 sweet spot! I feel great!  —Mike Endsley 

As we reach day 20, my body and my mind are feeling super with more energy and really no cravings.  —Jackie Endsley


Cinnamon Apple Chips

Thanks Mel!

Thanks Mel!

O & V Salad Dressing

Would love give credit where credit is due but I do not know who made up this recipe.  C

Would love to give credit where credit is due but I do not know who made up  this recipe…      C