Pain & Progress


So after months (3 so far) of screaming and sweating on the black rubber floors of The Inner Circle Gym I’ve seen some progress.

In my first month of the extreme transformation program I’ve lost nearly 7 pounds and gained 4 in muscle. Since I started training with Adam, Cathy and Blaine I’ve gone from a body mass index of 33% fat to 27%. The photo above gives you a good visual comparison between what 5 pounds of fat looks like vs. five pounds of muscle.

As you can see the muscle takes up a lot less space. And now, so do I… 

But there’s still a long way to go. At the last weigh-in I was at 276. My goal is to settle in and maintain at about 230-40 and be able to do a warrior dash by the time I’m finished.

But I’m stoked with the progress I’ve had so far and I feel a lot different. My balance is better, I’m sharper mentally and there’s no achy pain in my wolverine femur (what I call my leg with a metal rod in it). I’m starting to lean out – my hands and feet look and feel longer, I’m feeling harder in mind and body and I’ve started to notice a jawline that had been alarmingly absent for a while…

I’m also feeling more aggressive. Which I asked Blaine about and he said that’s normal since your body begins producing more testosterone to rebuild the muscle you tear down when you train like this.

You’re sex drive will also increase,” he added with a bit of a tongue-in-cheek humor.

Great. Because that’s ALL I need…

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