Strong Man


Yesterday I experienced (arguably) the hardest workout of my life. Cathy set up a “Chipper Style” or Strong Man circuit for me and I had no. idea. what was in store for me when I walked into the gym…

It started out innocuous enough, I warmed up on the Airdyne for a bit and then we did some overhead warm ups with the PVC pipe.

Then shit got real.

The 30-sec.-on-15-off interval circuit started with tire step-ups with single-arm overhead alternating thrusters for 30 seconds followed by a 15-second rest and then it was right in to tire flips. A tire flip is exactly what it sounds like – you flip a big ‘ole tire over and over again. Following that was inclined pushups on the same. damn. tire. I just got done flipping and stepping up on (I hated that tire by the end of the workout).

Then it was on to bucket pulls, which is also exactly what it sounds like. You pull a wheelbarrow without wheels around the room – but first you load it down with weight!  The weight in this instance was Cathy herself (plus a 40 lbs. sandbag).

Then it was on to battling ropes. After that was a 1 minute rest. Then it started ALL OVER again. And she put me through the paces four times.

After that it was a Tabata bottom-to-bottom squat finisher and then I felt like I was simultaneously going to puke and die. Then I felt great!

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