Swimming is…

… my favorite thing to do.

There are no email alerts, text messages or voicemails underwater. There’s no grunting. No annoying TV shows muted with the captions on.┬áThere’s no sound at all besides the water rushing past your ear.

It requires mental focus, physical control and good form to slice through the water at a sustainable clip. You have to hold your breath and sometimes fight that fear of suffocation you get when you’re working hard underwater.

I’ve been a swimmer all my life. I was swimming before I was walking. I did swim team and was a lifeguard in high school. So one of the things that resonates with me as a lifelong swimmer is Adam and Cathy’s attention to form.

Whether using kettlebells, rowing in the gym or just doing pushups both of them are constantly paying attention to and correcting my form to maximize benefit and reduce bodily harm.

One of my goals for this project is to reduce my mile (1600m) time and at the beginning of the month I was swimming 1600m in about 40 minutes. Yesterday, I swam 2000m in 40 minutes.

My cardio fitness is already better than it was just three personal training sessions ago…


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