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Aug. 8th AMRAP

What is AMRAP, you ask? Well it means “As Many Rounds As Possible” and it is a grueling, painful way to do a circuit workout.

You basically pit you against you and keep going until you can’t go anymore. By the time it’s all over you like to melt into a puddle on the floor. On Friday we a did four-minute AMRAP circuit and it was a ton of fun (not). Here are the exercises Blaine put me through (note the maniacal grin on his face):

1. Battling rope into vertical jumps (5).

2. MD hip thrust throw (right & left) into middle clean into press.

3. Jump rope variety.

4. Lunge matrix.

5. Kettlebell deadlift varieties.

6. Pull up/chin up varieties.

7. Box jump/step up varieties.

8. Push up into tuck jump.

9. Prone/side/supine plank varieties.

I went for as many reps of these exercises as I could for four minutes each. In total it was about 40 minutes of non-stop cardio, strength and mobility work. And I’m not going to lie – I needed a nap later.




June 20th Workout

After the four-day-a-week Four-Month Total Transformation course with Blaine we transitioned into a twice-weekly schedule that I thought would be easier. I thought wrong.

Here’s today’s workout, we started with a barbell complex consisting of these exercises followed by this:

A dumbbell and kettle bell complex that included an inclined chest press and a kettle bell single leg Romanian dead lift that required massive amounts of balance from already fatigued leg muscles and then for a little breather we transitioned into this:

A Physio Ball reverse hyper-extension where you lay tummy-down on the ball and raise your straightened legs backward as far as you can. We did two sets of max reps and then went to this high-intensity finisher:

That really makes the ‘ole butt burn…

And last but not least, this was what Blaine put on the board to top it all off:

Usually we do this portion of the workout on our own later in the day and (full-disclosure) sometimes I don’t get around to it…

Don’t judge! Also FYI, I usually post these photos through the Knife Challenge Twitter feed and you can find that here.

Clawing Back

Seems like once you start getting back into shape, you realize how out of shape you is.” – Me. To myself. In my head. After today’s workout.

Today I struggled, grunted and sweat profusely through two sets of a tabata circuit and finished with a hardcore row. Then I nearly blew chunks all over the place.

Here’s a list of what I did. I couldn’t keep track of how many reps but in this high intensity workout that’s not the point – you do 30 seconds of each kettlebell exercise and then rest for 15 seconds before moving on to the next. First though I warmed up with a 1500m row.

Kettlebell Halos (left and right) – with 35lbs. 

Kettlebell Swings – with 35lbs.

Bent Over Kettlebell Row (left and right) – with 25lbs.

Goblet Squats – with 45lbs. 

Crush Curls – with 35lbs. 

Box Steps

1 Arm Kettlebell Press – with 35lbs.

Headcutters – with 45lbs. 

Push Ups

After two rounds of that I was dying. And I was supposed to do three sets.

But Cathy seemed to realize I might kill myself on the last round so I caught my breath a little bit and then hit the rowing machine again. This time for 5 tabata 30/30 splits – meaning I rowed as hard as I could for 30 seconds and then rested for 30.

Then I puked in my mouth a little bit and walked circles in the parking lot until my stomach stopped revoting.

You may notice I keep using the word: “tabata” and I’ll write about it more in the future but here’s a link to find out more about that crazy style of working out.

Afterward I came home, stuck my foot in a bucket of ice and played some XBox.



Swimming is…

… my favorite thing to do.

There are no email alerts, text messages or voicemails underwater. There’s no grunting. No annoying TV shows muted with the captions on. There’s no sound at all besides the water rushing past your ear.

It requires mental focus, physical control and good form to slice through the water at a sustainable clip. You have to hold your breath and sometimes fight that fear of suffocation you get when you’re working hard underwater.

I’ve been a swimmer all my life. I was swimming before I was walking. I did swim team and was a lifeguard in high school. So one of the things that resonates with me as a lifelong swimmer is Adam and Cathy’s attention to form.

Whether using kettlebells, rowing in the gym or just doing pushups both of them are constantly paying attention to and correcting my form to maximize benefit and reduce bodily harm.

One of my goals for this project is to reduce my mile (1600m) time and at the beginning of the month I was swimming 1600m in about 40 minutes. Yesterday, I swam 2000m in 40 minutes.

My cardio fitness is already better than it was just three personal training sessions ago…