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Did you know that the average American consumes more than 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving?


That’s according to the CCC and I would have to admit that most Thanksgivings I probably tuck in that much, easily. But this year, due in large part to this project, I paced myself and am quite proud to report I didn’t gorge myself.

Here’s a shot from my family’s Thanksgiving celebration. Thanksgiving for my family is pretty much an all-day feast. As the matriarch of a large Catholic clan, my grandma is old school, priding herself in being able to feed a small army.

The holiday is not complete without a 25 pound home-grown turkey (which my aunt feeds whiskey for a week before the holiday – an old farm trick that makes the meat super tender). In addition to the drunk turkey there’s stuffing, dressing (which are different I’m told), a whole ham, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, green bean casserole, onion and shallot parmesan bake and three kinds of salad for the main course.

That doesn’t include the hour and a half of pre-meal hor devours AND the post meal smorgasbord of pies, pastries and tarts.

But I am proud of myself this year.

Before the meal I ate mostly from the veggie plate. During the main course I only had one helping and afterward just one piece of pie. I didn’t feel uncomfortable after the meal and didn’t need the customary “turkey-coma” nap to recover.

All-in-all a successful Thanksgiving, all told.

And of course the best part was seeing my awesome family, for which I am truly thankful…

I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving too!




So you you might have read in an earlier post that I haven’t been the healthiest of eaters. Prior to this endeavor I would usually start the day with a nice black cup of coffee, or six.

Typically I wouldn’t eat anything until about 2 p.m. on an average day.

Then, once the dam broke, I’d pretty much nosh on anything and everything within arms reach until 11 p.m. PLUS I’d get up at 2 a.m. or so for a bowl of cereal that I’d hurriedly slurp in my kitchen by moonlight.

That was THE FIRST thing Cathy decided I should change about my nutrition and lifestyle. So for the last three weeks I’ve been trying to eat at least a bagel by 9 a.m.

But just that little change in my diet has made a PROFOUND change in my eating/sleeping schedule.

Since I started eating a bagel with my coffee at 8:30 I’ve been getting hungry again at noon so that’s led to eating lunch at lunchtime (which is also a new thing to me). Making a conscious decision to eat in the morning also leads me to make better nutritional choices at lunchtime.

That isn’t a billboard for the healthiest meal ever constructed but it was what I had for lunch today. And I like the photo. I do social media for Iwa Sushi and Tuesdays are “take a picture of the specials” day so I get to eat what I shoot (not a bad deal, huh?)

But anyway, if I eat lunch I’m not absolutely starving by mid afternoon and that means I don’t gorge and ruin my dinner. So I’ve been eating dinner at a regular hour and not getting hungry in the early a.m. hours. And that means I’ve been getting a better night’s sleep these days (especially since I’ve been working my butt off in the gym, which tires a boy out).

And it’s been taking effect. I’m more rested, I’m noticing positive changes in my body and my brain is sharper throughout the day (not just when I’m jazzed on caffeine).

It’s a wonder what a little breakfast can do…



The Knife…

… is a running theme during this and full disclosure: Adam was actually the one who came up with the title for the project.

It kind of came about organically through some work I did for the Inner Circle. I’m a communication consultant and help North Central Washington businesses like Mission Ridge, Caffe Mela, Iwa Sushi, the AppleSox and the Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center with their online brands. I administrate social networks and produce web content. So Cathy and Adam asked me to give them some pointers on the whole Facebook/Twitter/Blog scene.

One of the first things I said was: “Find yourself a blogger. Someone who’ll be a Guinea pig for ya. Someone who will tell an authentic story about what you guys do for people.” 

I didn’t really mean ME.

But I like new experiences and I’ve always wanted to try working with a personal trainer so here I am. That’s just a bit of backstory to give you a better idea of why there’s a whole section of the website about this one out-of-shape dude with a gimpy leg. Fact is, my goal for this project is to be able to take myself out of the equation and set it up so that ANYONE can do the Knife Challenge.

But like I said, it was Adam who actually came up with the title and philosophy behind “The Knife” – and he’s also the one who sent me that picture above. The text sent along with the image simply said, “Get good with this knife too, Dom.

So I took that advice and have been trying to eat more things I have to chop with a knife first. Mixed green salads, sweet potato, squash and chicken breasts mostly – not stuff I usually eat.

To tell the truth, if left to my own devices I typically eat freezer food – frozen pizza, corndogs and other things too embarrassing to admit to ingesting.

But changing my dietary habits (if only for a week) has been great. Having more consciousness about what you put in your mouth is easier when you stand there and actually LOOK at it for more than the 30 seconds it takes to shove something into the microwave.

That said, I’m not perfect. As I write this I am sipping red wine and scarfing a chocolate bar I impulsively snatched off the shelf of the grocery store earlier tonight.

So. Weak…

For more up-to-date photos and musings, you can check out the Twitter feed I created for this project. It’s called the @KnifeChallenge and after this project is finished we’re going to convert it to The Inner Circle’s official Twitter feed!



I am not what you would call the healthiest of eaters. Pizza at 2 am is not outside the realm of possibilities for me. A bowl of midnight cereal is one of my many vices.

So a big part of this project is going to be keeping track of and improving the things I put in my mouth. Cathy had me start a food/exercise journal.

It’s been about a week since I’ve started recording my eating habits and already I am alarmed at how few vegetables I eat and how much alcohol I consume. Something must be done about that…

But here’s a photo of my journal. Exercise is in green, intake is in red.

Note the 2 am bowl of Fruity Pebbles…

You must admit I have nice handwriting though, huh?