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June 20th Workout

After the four-day-a-week Four-Month Total Transformation course with Blaine we transitioned into a twice-weekly schedule that I thought would be easier. I thought wrong.

Here’s today’s workout, we started with a barbell complex consisting of these exercises followed by this:

A dumbbell and kettle bell complex that included an inclined chest press and a kettle bell single leg Romanian dead lift that required massive amounts of balance from already fatigued leg muscles and then for a little breather we transitioned into this:

A Physio Ball reverse hyper-extension where you lay tummy-down on the ball and raise your straightened legs backward as far as you can. We did two sets of max reps and then went to this high-intensity finisher:

That really makes the ‘ole butt burn…

And last but not least, this was what Blaine put on the board to top it all off:

Usually we do this portion of the workout on our own later in the day and (full-disclosure) sometimes I don’t get around to it…

Don’t judge! Also FYI, I usually post these photos through the Knife Challenge Twitter feed and you can find that here.

Sweat Angels

Since starting this intense training regimen about four months ago we have come to coin a new term in the gym – the sweat angel.

Obviously see where it came from. It’s kind of like a snow angel but made up entirely from your sweat. It happens when you are working out so hard that you flop on the floor like a freshly caught fish twitching and gasping for oxygen on a ship’s deck.

This is a pretty good sweat angel from my workout partner, Taryn. We usually both leave at least one of these on the floor after every workout.


My girlfriend’s daughter Anna visiting the ICG

Why are you here?,” is a common question I’ve heard over the course of the last few months. It’s usually thrown out there during a particularly painful moment of the workout, designed to get the mind off the temporarily-excruciating present and keep your eye on the bigger picture.

The first few times Blaine asked that question I didn’t really have an answer. But I began to think about it after workouts. Why AM doing this? It’s really hard. The workouts are long and grueling, the diet is tough and I’m constantly sore. But it also makes me feel fast and strong and fitter than I have been in years. But why am I really doing this?

I’m doing it for the control. Over myself, my body, my situation and my future.

The responsibility. To commit to something and accomplish it. I haven’t been as faithful as I should have been but I’m gonna finish strong.

And for the discipline – to gain it. The interesting thing about something that requires you to be strong is it shows you your weakness.

This experience, like any lunge, squat or deadlift, is making me stronger so I can meet real-world challenges. The reason I’m here is because I want to be healthy, strong and stable for myself and for the people I love.


One of my personal heros and favorite authors is a bald little dude named Seth Godin. He’s a marketing consultant (like me) but he’s in the Forbes/Fortune 500/Silicon Valley bracket and I’d be considered to be in the junior-leaguer-over-achiever-local-whiz-kid zone.

But the reason I bring him up is because he wrote this book called “Tribes” and in a nutshell it’s about the fact that nowadays everyone has an opportunity to start a movement – to bring together a tribe of like-minded people and do amazing things.

And it was actually Blaine, while watching a morning circuit class, who remarked that Cathy and Adam have themselves created a tribe. I thought about that for a while. And realized he’s totally right.

The people who work out at The Inner Circle are there for a reason and become transformed through a shared interest. We are an eclectic mix – male, female, young, old, whatever. We are not bound together by athletic fashion choices or socioeconomic similarities. What brings these people together is a desire, nay, a hunger to get a workout you can’t get anywhere else.

Sure it’s intense, it’s raw and if you push yourself hard enough it can be downright painful. But you don’t go through it alone. It’s a community – a tribe. It’s not a gym full of dudes staring at themselves in the mirror and girls on ellipticals staring blankly ahead while plugged into their iPods. It’s a community of people working their butts off together – a tribe.