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Six months ago this baseline workout took me 9:50 to complete. After nearly three months with Adam and Cathy I was down to 7:20. Today I did it in 3:40. That’s after the 4-Month Extreme Transformation course with Blaine. So I guess you could say I saw some gains…

I’ll know how much I progressed tomorrow because I’m going in for another BMI test. When I started I had 33% body fat (which I have since learned put me in the “obese” category). After the training with Adam and Cathy twice a week I was down to 27% body fat (putting me in the “overweight” category). So it’ll be interesting to see where I am as of tomorrow. Hopefully I continue my tour of BMI categories.

I’ll update the blog with my results and (gasp) before and after pics (which I’m really not looking forward to sharing, but will anyway)…

Dog Food

I did a stupid thing. 

I told my housemates to make me eat this can of Alpo dog food if I took a drink of alcohol this week.

It sits on our kitchen windowsill and I gave them a direct order to watch me slurp it down with a spoon if I violate my mandate.

(*Sidenote: it must be noted that I live with two guys who relish the opportunity to prove me wrong, bust my chops and dress me down when given the slightest chance.)

Our is what could loosely be called a “competitive friendship.” We’re friends, we enjoy each other’s company, but we never miss the opportunity to … for lack of a better term, bust balls.

So I know they’ll make me slop up this foul gruel and laugh at me while I do.

The whole concept came from Adam, who introduced me to this radical idea called “The Alpo Diet” last week. It’s an strategy that originated from the motivational guru Anthony Robbins based on the principal of neuro-associative conditioning. Think Pavlov’s dogs – except opposite.

Oh, what have I done?