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So I’ve been playing around with fitness applications and websites as a part of this project and one of my favorite new discoveries has been

It’s still beta (meaning they’ve opened it to a select number of people so they can work out the kinks and see what works) but me being a technorati, I went on Twitter and begged myself an invite from some hardbody on the East Coast who had some invites.

Basically Fitocracy is a social media site dedicated to sharing your workouts with friends. After you’re done for the day you log your workout and earn points for activities. The more points you earn, the faster you level up. The higher your level, the more you can brag to your friends about how awesome you are.

Narcissism truly is the fuel of the Internet.

But it actually works! Although there aren’t a lot of people using it yet I’ve got a couple connections, including a couple buddies and my crazy-rugby-playing cousin from Montana who makes Bluto from Popeye look like a little girly-man. I’m in a close points race with an ex-roommate of mine and he’s hot on my tail since he can see what my daily workouts are. Seeing what your friends are doing is definitely an incentive to work harder.

But in addition to the competition you can join forums and groups dedicated to sharing training tips and advice on specific interests, like yoga or weightlifting.

And you also get badges and awards when you complete challenges that set the bar higher than you’ve already been.

For instance, I got this badge for completing the challenge of doing five pull ups. Kinda reminiscent of the boys scouts but it still makes you feel a sense of achievement.

But everybody who gets a beta invite to Fitocracy also gets 10 invites themselves so if anyone wants to check it out for themselves just leave a comment with your email address and I’ll make sure to send you one.

P.S. I didn’t tell Fitocracy finishing those pull ups involved Cathy below me, pushing upward on the soles of my feet with as much strength she could muster – so keep that to yourself.

Pain and History

In 2007 I broke both femurs skiing and learned a HUGE lesson – never take ANYTHING for granted.

I was 22, playing college soccer and pretty much winning in every sense. I was on the student senate, had a cute girlfriend and could stroll into the dean’s office without an appointment.

A STUD, one might say…

But little did I know I was about to encounter a world of pain and hardship I had no idea existed.

While skiing during Christmas break I overshot a jump I had been scared of all weekend but decided to go after like a big boy. I ended up twisting my legs like corkscrews, chipping a vertebra, nicking my spinal cord and knocking myself out upon landing.

So I spent some time in a touch-and-go surgery and then ICU for a spell. But I came to. Not. A. Happy. Camper.

That’s a photo of the leg they pieced together from the shards of bone we called my left femur. When I came out of my painkiller-induced stupor my then-girlfriend broke up with me – over the phone.

I went from big man on campus to the guy who needed his mother to help him bathe.

I had to take nearly a year off from college. I developed a fairly-serious morphine dependency and those people I called “best friends” had moved on without me.

But almost dying, losing my friends and reputation irrevocably changed my perspective on life. PLUS being on crutches for nearly a year and limping for six months after that taught me a valuable, if not kitsch, lesson – life’s a gift, baby.

So just being able (a.k.a. HAVING the ability) to participate in a project like The Knife is an experience I relish like a fine wine or a good cigar (which I DO relish, frequently…).

So I hope you like reading it as much as I like writing it.

Because I like it.

A lot.


Getting Started

I am 26, 6’3 and weigh 276 lbs.

I have 33% body fat.

Between 16-22 is healthy for a guy my size.

Obviously, it’s time for a change.

My name is Dominick Bonny and for the next three months I am going to be doing personal training at The Inner Circle Gym in Wenatchee, Washington. This will be my account of that fitness journey.

We’re calling it “The Knife” because not only is it about getting cut – it’s about cutting things out. Cutting junk habits, junk food, junk friends…

It’s about gaining balance. A balance between fitness, nutrition and mental sharpness.

As a former high school and college athlete I yearn for the physical prowess and the intense focus I once had. Also, as the son of a fat man (sorry dad) I also fear an early death – especially since my grandfather died of heart failure while still in his 50s.

So I came to The Inner Circle because trainers/owners Adam and Cathy have a reputation locally for being the best at what they do, which is help people get functionally fit and develop habits to stay that way.

We created this project in the hopes that it will inspire as well as illustrate the fact that anyone can get back in the game. So I hope that’s what it achieves because otherwise I’ll have embarrassed myself for nothing…