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The Knife…

… is a running theme during this and full disclosure: Adam was actually the one who came up with the title for the project.

It kind of came about organically through some work I did for the Inner Circle. I’m a communication consultant and help North Central Washington businesses like Mission Ridge, Caffe Mela, Iwa Sushi, the AppleSox and the Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center with their online brands. I administrate social networks and produce web content. So Cathy and Adam asked me to give them some pointers on the whole Facebook/Twitter/Blog scene.

One of the first things I said was: “Find yourself a blogger. Someone who’ll be a Guinea pig for ya. Someone who will tell an authentic story about what you guys do for people.” 

I didn’t really mean ME.

But I like new experiences and I’ve always wanted to try working with a personal trainer so here I am. That’s just a bit of backstory to give you a better idea of why there’s a whole section of the website about this one out-of-shape dude with a gimpy leg. Fact is, my goal for this project is to be able to take myself out of the equation and set it up so that ANYONE can do the Knife Challenge.

But like I said, it was Adam who actually came up with the title and philosophy behind “The Knife” – and he’s also the one who sent me that picture above. The text sent along with the image simply said, “Get good with this knife too, Dom.

So I took that advice and have been trying to eat more things I have to chop with a knife first. Mixed green salads, sweet potato, squash and chicken breasts mostly – not stuff I usually eat.

To tell the truth, if left to my own devices I typically eat freezer food – frozen pizza, corndogs and other things too embarrassing to admit to ingesting.

But changing my dietary habits (if only for a week) has been great. Having more consciousness about what you put in your mouth is easier when you stand there and actually LOOK at it for more than the 30 seconds it takes to shove something into the microwave.

That said, I’m not perfect. As I write this I am sipping red wine and scarfing a chocolate bar I impulsively snatched off the shelf of the grocery store earlier tonight.

So. Weak…

For more up-to-date photos and musings, you can check out the Twitter feed I created for this project. It’s called the @KnifeChallenge and after this project is finished we’re going to convert it to The Inner Circle’s official Twitter feed!