Here’s what some of members have to say about what we do at The Inner Circle Gym:

“Exactly 1 yr ago today, myself and a few coworkers attended our first session at ICG.  In that year I’ve lost 50+ pounds, dropped from a size 40 pant to a size 33, ran my first organized trail run, half marathon and will run a marathon shortly. I have somehow learned to like pull-ups, pushups, squats and kettle bells. I’m even starting to grow accustomed to the fact that there is no avoiding picking up heavy stuff .

All that is great but it pales in comparison to my wife saying ‘you know for 7 years you told me you wanted to ski, hike, run and bike. Year after year you were disappointed in yourself because you never did. Now you are doing it and I am proud of you.’ I believe my persistence and willingness to work had a lot to do with it but equally as important was the encouragement and training that both of you have provided. The support you provide to your members really is a blessing and I very much appreciate all that you both have done for me over the last year. In my opinion you have created much more than just a gym.  So THANK YOU and here’s to another year!”-Ryan Roy

“The Inner Circle Gym has been wonderful for our entire family – all three of us have a different approach to fitness, and Inner Circle has been perfect for all of us!  We’re all seeing improvement in our strength, fitness level and enjoying the process!  Unlike the “traditional” gyms we frequented in the past, the workouts we perform at Inner Circle have proven to be more effective for all of us without the boredom/repetition you might experience from a typical gym routine.  Even my skeptical husband is beyond pleased with his results.   He is truly impressed with the difference (in only a few short weeks!) in the way his knees/back feel and really likes the workouts compared to doing circuits on a few machines. We look forward to seeing what’s next!  Thanks for providing a great (and EFFECTIVE!) alternative to traditional fitness programs!” – The Tangeman Family

“The same week Inner Circle Gym opened, I was diagnosed with nerve damage in my right leg that made me give up the most entertaining job I have ever had.  I gave up a variety of physical activities, including running, and resigned myself to a lack of power fitness ever again, despite the pleas of two of my co-workers who were gym members right from the start.  I finally caved in at the beginning of October 2009.  The Inner Circle Gym has been the single most effective exercise program I have ever undertaken.  My fears of aggravating my injury were misplaced and I saw massive improvement in my strength and overall fitness.  I even shaved more than forty seconds off my 1.5 mile run time for my Air Force physical fitness test without running to train for it.  Thank you Adam and Cathy!” – Edgar Reinfeld

“I can’t tell you guys how much I enjoyed training at your gym and how much I miss it. The U of Idaho has a great facility but all the wrong equipment, just 2 pull up bars, no kettle bells, no slam balls, no rings, no wall balls, no tractor tires and no sledge hammers. I tried to talk some sense into the operator, but my requests were denied. I’m in the process of buying my own rings, a couple of kettlebells, and one 25lb slam ball. Seems silly to have such a wonderful facility yet lack equipment that is relatively inexpensive. The center is literally 10 times the size of Inner Circle and has a budget that dwarfs yours, yet The Inner Circle contains 10 times more practical and functional equipment. I’m glad I had the opportunity to train with you two last winter and spring. I would not have made it through rookie training had I not trained at ICG. I more than likely would have ended up in much worse shape after my fall as well. I must have read the quote on the wall 100 times about how strong people are harder to kill- turns out it is true!” Justin Cook

“The training I received at the gym put me in the best shape I have ever been in for any big mountain climb I’ve done.  I felt very strong and had great endurance.  We made it to Camp Muir (on Mount Rainier) in 5 hours and made the summit in 7 hours (at 0600 hrs. on Saturday the 26th).  This is a route (the Ingraham Direct) we’ve always wanted to try before, but were never able to because it had never been open during any of my previous climbs. Thanks for all the help with my training!” – Justin Kissell

“I started at The Inner Circle gym in Dec of 2009. I decided to start there because of the particular movements that the physical therapist was recommending to me for my knee, shoulder, and lower back.  I felt I could duplicate these types of exercises there. I was overweight and had high blood pressure (just didn’t know it in Dec).  I was reluctant to join the gym but thought I would give it a try. In April of 2010 I went to the doctor because of continuing knee, lower back aggravation.  She said I needed to lose some weight and improve my strength in my lower body.  I set out with a plan to lose weight and increase my lower body strength.In September of 2010 I have lost 55lbs, reduced my blood pressure to a fitness level, and I’m now at 17% body fat. In September I went on a 4 day high hunt, and I did not experience any of the previous knee and lower back pain.  This was due to the functional movements and exercises provided at The Inner Circle. Adam and Cathy have been very encouraging and are always willing to give advice and recommendations to help me achieve my goals. The Inner Circle gym is the best medication money can buy” – Michael Young

“As I was walking down Wenatchee this lovely sunny morning, after a KB class yesterday and “practice” early this morning, I can honestly say that I have never, ever felt this strong and this upright in my entire life – and I have been around for a while!  Thanks to The Inner Circle for being there at the right time and in the right place.  Strong people maybe harder to kill than the weak ones but strong creative ones might even be stronger, because their strength comes from the inside! Thanks you guys and Jackson too!” – Ali Lewis-Lorentz

“When I was a Division I athlete I had the good fortune to be cardio and strength-trained by former Olympians and other top-level training staff. I never thought I would find a gym that offered the same quality of workouts, expertise, and attention to individuals that I benefited from as an athlete. Thanks, Inner Circle, for proving me wrong! Cathy and Adam are extremely knowledgeable about fitness and passionate about their clients’ progress. What they offer at the Inner Circle – elite-level training for everyone at an affordable price- is a fantastic bargain for anyone wanting to get into better shape.

There’s a lot to like about The Inner Circle, but if I had to pick three they would be:

1.     Efficiency: The exercises work all of your muscles in less than 40 minutes. The short, intense workouts get me in shape and don’t require much time at all.

2.     Emphasis on movement: Cathy and Adam are always there to correct form problems. I appreciate this a lot as form is essential to getting the most out of an exercise and to preventing injury. At most other gyms I’ve belonged to I’d have to fork out a lot of money for a personal training session to get this level of coaching. At the Inner Circle, high-quality coaching is a given.

3.     Quality of workout: The workouts are designed to not only strengthen, but also to improve cardio fitness and range of motion. And there’s no such thing as “plateau-ing” or getting bored: Cathy and Adam are always mixing up the workouts.

Five months after joining The Inner Circle, I’ve become much stronger and fit while managing to keep my knee tendonitis to a minimum. In fact, my knee is the best it has been in 10 years! What’s more, thanks to my improved leg and core strength, and I can finally hit my tennis serves as well as I could when I played in college.  I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience at The Inner Circle.” – Jessica Anderson

The Inner Circle has been “that gym” for me to go and get a great workout in a short period of time with two of the best trainers who reside in Wenatchee! I’ve seen results, and most of all I know that I’m learning how to do a certain technique correctly and the safest way possible for my body. You can even look around you and see other people doing a particular exercise the right way, which is great to be around. I had a vacation planned and my training there got me into the best shape possible so I could go feeling confident and able to stay on an active, workout regimen even while I was away.  THANK YOU, Inner Circle! – Angie Ploch