Training with Coach Rip

After getting a nasty bug and taking most of last week off, Cathy rallied hard for her long awaited barbell certification.  She was surrounded by 200-300 pound men (see 70’s Big for examples) and heavy barbells as she learned how to perform and coach the old school lifts; deadlift, press, bench press, squats and cleans.   The highlight of the weekend was the opportunity to learn from renowned strength training coach, Mark Rippetoe.  The weekend was packed with 19 hours of intense instruction and some of the funniest jokes ever told.  Remember what Coach Rippetoe says “Only ****ies don’t squat”.

She returned home with sore hamstrings and renewed excitement, anxious to share with the ICG athletes. So be ready folks to go to the corner and pick up and put down some barbells. . . .

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