We are back online!

We’ve had some technological difficulties but we’re back online.  Since we’ve been “offline” the gym has been booming!

If you haven’t checked out Cathy’s Tuesday and Thursday classes you should.  They are both brutal and relaxing all in the same 2 hour period. Check out the classes link for more info.

Mike has outfitted us with even more tires for more varied flipping, hitting, dragging and jumping.

This past weekend I completed my Crossfit Level One Certification down in Portland.  It was painful, informative, and fun. This is our first step toward becoming a Crossfit Affiliate.  Just this past week Cathy signed up for her Level 1 Cert in September and is stoked.  We will keep you all posted on the affiliation process.

A big thanks to everyone who has been crushing their workouts, it’s great to see all the improvement!

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